Baliartistic provides handicraft products

Bali Artistic was Indonesian Enterprise, founded in 2010 and become a division of PT Ariyana Group. We have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting handycraft made of bamboo, wood, coconut shell and another material, such as kitchenware,
We use only limited for premium quality in both material and craftsmanship in the production. All the materials and process are crafted in Indonesia, and we have been selling them worldwide in term of retail and wholesale.

With Mission to help Indonesian craftsmens have a better standard of living by selling more products for export market and introducing Indonesia’s original creations to the world. We believe by conducting product manufacture made by environmentally friendly materials, we may also maintain the sustainability of our nature and business environment.

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Baliartistic provides handicraft products. Using natural materials and some modern materials as well to get the desired art.Give your customers insight into your product collection. Select imagery and name that relates to the product category.